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Q1. What exactly is Bagasse?
Answer: Bagasse is a leftover fibrous material after extracting the juice from sugarcane stalks.

Q2. What is a biodegradable product?
Answer: A biodegradable product is basically a product that is capable of being broken down or decomposed quickly under the right conditions by the action of microorganisms. Further, the process of biodegradation can take place in assorted environments including soils, compost sites, water treatment facilities, and more.

Q3. What do you understand by biodegradation process?
Answer: Biodegradation is simply a process in which organic substances are broken down by living organisms. Biodegradation is an utmost important natural process that keeps our planet neat and clean through its natural waste management and recycling system.

Q4. What are the advantages of bagasse pulp over wood pulp?
Answer: Bagasse pulp is made with fibrous material from the tree-free natural renewable resource like sugarcane bagasse which is a natural by-product of sugarcane processing and is produced with least energy consumption. Wood Pulp is made from the processing of wood logs or chips retrieved after cutting mature trees which destroy animal habitats, decreases the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, destroys plants that may be cured for diseases. Furthermore, as compared to pulping wood, the sugarcane bagasse products are more energy efficient to produce.

Q5. Are there any toxic remains left after biodegradation of bagasse products?
Answer: No. There is no toxic remain when a biodegradable product decomposes.

Q6. What are the main benefits of using biodegradable products?
Answer: Some of the important advantages of biodegradable products are:

  • The biodegradable products, especially used in the food service industry are made using renewable material thereby; they break down naturally in landfills quickly.
  • These are environment-friendly
  • These are compostable in natural conditions

Q7. Why use sugarcane bagasse products?
Answer: There are several reasons for using bagasse products over other traditional products, such as:

  • Sugarcane is a tree-free renewable resource
  • Bagasse is perfect to use for manufacturing eco-friendly products for food industry replacing traditional paper, plastics and other products
  • The products produced from bagasse, require less energy as compared to other products
  • A great alternative for food industry, the bagasse products helps in reducing the pollution and energy consumption
  • Products made using bagasse biodegrade within 90 days

Q8. How well the products made using bagasse Tableware can bear heat?
Answer: The various products made using bagasse are perfect to handle hot food and beverages with up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the bagasse products are also microwave and oven safe.

Q9. How biodegradable products better than traditional alternatives?
Answer: Biodegradable products not only break down faster into soil, but they also consume less energy and water in the process of their production and disposal. Further, they release less harmful pollutant as compared to their conventional counterparts.